Black & Yellow

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Blazer: LOFT | Top: LOFT | Jeans: Citizens of Humanity | Boots: Lucky Brand | Shades: Vintage | Necklace: Random trunk show, no idea, sorry | Bracelets: Stella & Dot, a random one from Mexico, and another was a maid of honor gift.

Wow, did 2013 just suddenly kick into gear or what? There’s always a slow start to the year, but then BAM — everyone is back in it. I am completely swamped at work, and on top of it, I’m working on waaay too may side projects and running around like a mad woman. But I can’t complain… I like being productive like this, and I can’t wait to eventually reveal what this little side business is.

I’ve been wearing a lot of dark colors and neutrals lately, and decided it was time to add a pop of color. It matches the energy that I am feeling this New Year. I normally wouldn’t pair black and yellow together; I mean, that color combo makes me think only bumblebees and Wiz Khalifa. But, the grey denim and the grey stripes on the blazer help bring balance. And just for fun, why not add some red retro shades and bold silver jewelry? You know what it is… ;)

How is your New Year? Are you feeling like this is your year?


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9 Responses to Black & Yellow

  1. Maddy says:

    Great fun look – the red shades make the outfit!

  2. fashionconfessionsofamommy says:

    Great color scheme. I love neon with grey tones.
    Visiting from Monday Mingle.

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  7. Love the color of this top! It’s so fun!

  8. Lindsay says:

    Love the pop of color! So fun to do that every once in awhile in the middle of winter. Love the whole look from head to toe!

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